High Scripts
Please read through everything and double check if you've done the following! That way you won't have any issues.
Installing this resource is pretty straight forward if steps are followed and done correctly.

Step 1

Double check if you have these resources installed:
  • mysql-async or oxmysql
  • es_extended or qb-core (For any other framework, you'll have to modify sh_config.lua to make the script compatible!)
Make sure your server's artifacts are updated to 4752 or higher!
Also make sure you don't have any other phone resource installed, because it will conflict!

Step 2

Extract the resource into a folder named high_phone or however you want!

Step 3

  1. 1.
    Depending on your framework, if its ESX run the esx_users.sql file that is located in the resource folder. If it is QBCore then run the qb_players.sql file that is located in the resource folder!
  2. 2.
    Import the sql.sql file into your database, the file is located in the resource folder.

Do not skip this step below!

If your database already includes tables that names start with phone_, you have to delete these! If you want to keep old contacts, messages and other stuff, it is possible, but you'll need to match the column names to our phone column names.
You can easily keep old phone numbers from any other phone script, all you have to do is either rename the phone number column to phone or change Config.PhoneNumberColumn name in sv_config.lua to the name of the old phone number column.

Step 4

Now configure and translate your resource.
Files that have to be and can be configured
Every configurable field is commented and should be self-explanatory in the files.
Check out the configuration guides here that will be required to make some things work with this phone.
If you're using QB-Core framework, open high_phone/fxmanifest.lua file and locate the shared_scripts line, remove the line 'sh_config.lua' and remove the -- in front of 'sh_config_QB.lua'
It should look something like this

Step 5

Add ensure high_phone or however you named the resource folder to your server.cfg file.
Make sure to put ensure high_phone below ensure es_extended or start es_extended or whatever your framework resource name is. Just like this:
Otherwise it will not work and will throw errors!

And thats basically it! Restart the server and try out your new amazing product!

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