High Scripts
Please read through everything and double check if you've done the following! That way you won't have any issues.
Installing this resource is pretty straight forward, just like other resources! It does not depend on any resources and is fully standalone! It also replaces resources that use xsound or interact-sound as a dependency.

Step 1

Extract the resource into a folder named high_3dsounds or however you want.
Make sure your server's artifacts are updated to 4752 or higher!
Also make sure you don't have xsound or interact-sound installed, because it will conflict!

Step 2

Upload all your audio files to the folder located in high_3dsounds/assets/sounds directory.
Audio file formats don't matter, they can all be different and can either be mp3, ogg, wav, etc.
When moving from xsound or interact-sound to our resource you just have to copy the old sound files from the old resource and paste it in the high_3dsounds/assets/sounds directory.

Step 3

Now configure the resource to your likings.
Files that have to be and can be configured

Step 4

To create resources for this sound system, you should check out our API documentation here!
If you're not a developer, you can use already existing resources that use xsound or interact-sound as a dependency.
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