🖼️Imgur setup

Our phone recommends using Imgur as the main image uploading service!

In order to have the phone's gallery app work properly with uploading of images, you have to add your own Client ID from your imgur applications list into the phone's configuration file.

Step 1 Registering on Imgur

Register on imgur if you do not have an account or log in if you already have one! You can register on imgur.com here!

Step 2 Registering an application

After logging into your account, register an application here and fill these inputs:

Input fields that are required
  • Application name - your application name. Can be any name you want.

  • Authorization type - anonymous usage without user authorization.

  • Authorization callback URL - simply type in localhost

  • Email - put your own email address.

Step 3 Configuring the phone

Now open file in high_phone/html/js/config.js and find line Config.ImageUploading in that file, then inside it find the field Headers and replace the value of it with the code below:

{"Authorization": "Client-ID your-id-here"}

Make sure you replace your-id-here with the Client ID you received, not Client secret.

If you've followed every single step thoroughly, the image uploading should work perfectly. If it still does not work, open a support ticket on our discord.

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