Licensing System

All of our resources use a new resource protection system called Asset Escrow. That means, that all our resources are partly obfuscated, this is to protect our resources from leaks and unauthorized redistribution of our resources. Though don't worry, our scripts have more configuration lines than you would ever imagine. As well as almost all of the required functions/callbacks are editable.

How do I receive the script?

After a successful purchase, you'll receive the download link in your email! All the purchases are linked to your account! You can find all your resources you've bought that use the FiveM's resource auth in keymaster

Running a protected resource requires you to have a license key created on the same keymaster account that you've bought the resource on!

You can use the resource on all 3 license keys that you can have active in total.

How do I get updates, and are they free?

First of all, all of our updates are free for existing customers!

To get the updates, all you have to do is connect to your account on which you've bought the asset in keymaster and find the category Purchased Assets.

Once you're in that category, just click on Download and replace the files required in the changelog that can be found in our discord!

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