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Last updated on 27th November 2022

When buying and participating in use of any of our products, you agree to our latest Terms Of Service and Tebex terms of supply. We keep the right to modify our terms of service.

  1. Support 1. Only confirmed customers and server developers can receive support for our products. To confirm, you need to provide us your Tebex Transaction ID that you can find in the purchase confirmination email. 2. We take the responsibility to help you fix all the issues you are having because of our mistakes such as incompleteness of guides or glitches/bugs found in the product. You can get support on our discord group, on our email medrogamer@gmail.com or on the official cfx.re project's forum. 3. In some circumstances your money cannot be returned if we cannot assist you with a problem you are having, these are listed below in 2. Money returns/refunds

  2. Money returns/refunds 1. If you are using a modified version, an outdated version or a incomplete version of a supported framework & voice script by our product, money cannot be returned in case of the product not functioning properly. 2. If you are using an unsupported framework or voice script, money cannot be returned in case of you not being able to convert the resource fully, but we will do our best to help you successfully convert it. 3. If you are missing a function/feature that has not been shown in the video or written in the description, money cannot not be returned. 4. If the product is not working because of your own modifications to the resource's files including configuration files and translation files money cannot be returned.

  3. Redistribution (leaking) and reselling of our products 1. Any type of reselling, redistributing or leaking of our products results in an account ban on our tebex store and access to products being revoked without a money return! 2. Including our product's files except: configuration files, translation files in any packages shared to the public results in an account ban on our tebex store and access to products being revoked without a money return! 3. Servers using our leaked products will result in the server being reported to FiveM and most likely getting banned.

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